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Mastering Personal Management
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Frequently Asked Questions
Would you like to learn how to use our planners to guide you from where you are now to where you hope to be?
Our online Franklin Planner Training Course makes it easier than ever to learn and share the time-tested principles that can help you make each day more meaningful.
How long it will take to complete?
This training course is quite thorough. Some people have completed the whole course in just over an hour, but if you practice all the exercises and take the information to heart, it will take longer than that. That’s OK, because you can move at your own pace, stop when needed, and pick up where you left off.
What does it cost?
An in-person training like this could cost you a lot of money, but we feel strongly that you should understand the principles that enable you to effectively manage your time and activities. That’s why we’re offering this course FREE of charge. Simply go to our site, create an account, and get started.
What will I receive at the end?
The most important thing you’ll receive from this course is a deeper understanding of why you plan, and what truly matters most to you, individually. You’ll also be able to print off a certificate of completion that you can display in your office or on your refrigerator.
Who is it for?
If you have big dreams and have already charted a course to reach them, have recently discovered a passion you’d like to explore, or if you feel like you have no direction at all in your life, this course is for you! If you hope to influence those you love toward greatness, if you’d like to find greatness in yourself, or if you’re still deciding what your definition of greatness is, this course is for you! It’s for everyone!
What do I plan to gain from the course?
That’s up to you! This course is designed to give you the bedrock principles that have the potential to change the way you see time and your place in it. It will enable you to decide what you truly care about, so you can then press forward with confidence and reach your wildest goals.
How do I begin?
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